CAMPGROUND: 10am, Fri, July 28 – 6pm, Mon, July 31
PENINSULA (STAGES): 2pm, Fri, July 28 – 8am, Mon, July 31


We’re excited about this year’s new campground, an approx. 15 min walk from the entrance of the peninsula (where the stages are located) to the entrance of the campground. A pump from one far end to the other will definitely take longer, but with a little pre-planning we trust you can make the most of it and enjoy the summer walk with friends. There’s plenty of space to host everyone. Away from the music, it will be a peaceful place to recharge. You will be able to wake up and take a dip in one of the swimming beaches. A few free shuttles will help make the commute btw the stage & camping areas. We would need a huge fleet to accommodate everyone, so please give priority to folks who need it. We realize that some of you are going to mourn not being able to camp in such close proximity to the stages. We have to consider that Ferropolis is not just a site that hosts cultural events like ours, but it is also a designated nature preserve. Hosting thousands of campers on the location proves to be too damaging to the peninsula, therefore we are no longer able to host campers in the same way.


Some bar shifts have just opened up! Check the link below for application info.



We are currently looking for an intern to support us in Festival Production for WHOLE 2023. The festival’s core dates will be 28 – 31 July 2023 with a set up/dismantling week before and after. The internship duration spans a maximum period of 2-3 month from mid June until end of August 2023. Applications can be sent until 31 May. Due to the fact that the internship requires a strong command of German, the internship call is provided in German only.



If you’ve purchased a ticket and have a disability card, write to us to receive a free companion ticket for your assisting person. Although the camping situation is moving off of the peninsula, we do have barrier free camping spots to offer on the peninsula alongside our crew camping (we have options for barrier free camping with barrier free showers & toilets ONLY on the peninsula). Close to that area, we can offer parking spots for vehicles with wheelchairs. If folks in wheelchairs want to camp at the main camping, please note that it will only have barrier free toilets there. Write our team on this topic so we can accommodate you (preferably by July 1): access@wholefestival.com

Please note that the map on our app shows accessible showers also located on the main camping, but in fact we only have one accessible shower facility located on the peninsula this year.

We must also make it known that some of the beaches & sandy areas of the property are not 100% wheelchair accessible. There are still some barriers on the festival site that need to be worked through, but we are willing to find individual solutions for everybody who wants to attend. The premises do not have a guidance system for the blind. The Bassliner busses from Berlin are unfortunately not accessible for wheelchairs, but if you travel to Dessau or Gräfenhainichen those bus shuttles are accessible for wheelchairs. Also accessible are our shuttles on site from the main camp to the peninsula. Because of the high levels of music, the property doesn’t allow assistant dogs. Let’s talk & find solutions together! access@wholefestival.com


The festival takes place 140 km southwest of Berlin at Ferropolis, a former DDR lignite strip mine turned nature preserve & cultural site. Getting there is quite easy, but requires some pre-planning. Soon, we will launch version 2.0 of our app, where you can interact with one another in the forum, compare notes and ask questions.

We advocate living a spontaneous life but maybe not so much when it comes to booking travel plans for an on-location festival. Trust, the last thing you wanna be doing at 1am Sunday night during Juliana Huxtable B2B JASSS at the Arena Stage is figuring out if there are still Mon morn shuttles available. Create a travel group and craft a plan with your buds!

Festival address:
Ferropolisstraße 1, 06773 Gräfenhainichen

Train + Bike
Greenest option! Starting May 1, German residents can grab a 49€ Deutschlandweit ticket, which is also valid on regional trains. Deutsche Bahn charges an extra €6 for bikes. The bike ride from Dessau ≈ 1 hour / Gräfenhainichen ≈  15 min. Some bike racks will be provided at the camping site, as well as at the entrance of the festival grounds. Only use your bike if you can drive safely. We ask festival goers to please leave bikes outside of the grounds / stage area. For safety, only staffers will be granted bike access on the festival grounds.

Bassliner Shuttle Bus from Berlin
Bassliner is the trusted company that shuttles folks from Berlin to many festivals around Germany & abroad, so they will once again be our primary partner on the road. Pick up is at Berlin’s Ostbahnof S-Bahn station & you are delivered directly to Ferropolis. More tickets will be added as the various time slots fill up, but be forewarned that they do not have an endless fleet of busses.


1. Ostbahnhof: “Am Ostbahnhof” / corner “Koppenstraße”, 10247 Berlin, leave the Ostbahnhof direction through the exit “Koppenstraße” – then you are directly at our meeting point.

2. Dessau: Dessau Hbf, Fritz-Hesse-Straße 47, 06844 Dessau-Roßlau

3. Gräfenhainichen: 06773 Gräfenhainichen, Richtung Eisenbahnstraße

So, book directly through Bassliner now! 

Train to Dessau + Shuttle
Cheapest option! DB’s “Berlin-Brandenburg-Ticket” costs €33 (one way for max 5 pax / 2. Klasse only / regional train only, no ICE trains). Train RE7 departs from Berlin every hour from many stations. The ride is ≈ 1h40m from Berlin Hbf to Dessau Hbf. From Dessau Hbf, take a Bassliner shuttle. Book tickets directly on their website for local shuttles to/from Dessau Hbf <> Ferropolis. The bus ride is ≈ 30 min.

This is a good option for those arriving to BER airport and heading directly to the festival. FEX trains leave BER – Term 1-2 at 28 & 58 minutes past the hour, every hour during the day. FEX will get you to Berlin’s Hbf in ≈ 30m, then transfer to RE7 Dessau (Gl. 13). If you arrive early and have time to kill before the shuttle to the festival, go pick up snacks at Kaufland grocery store (Wolfgangstraße 14, 06844) or sneak in a quick visit to the Bauhaus Museum.

Train to Gräfenhainichen + Shuttle
Folks traveling by train from Leipzig can book rail tickets to Gräfenhainichen. Folks from Berlin might be interested in this route, too, because the shuttle bus ride from Gräf to Ferro is very quick and currently Bassliner is only charging €5 each way for this shuttle (prices subject to change). Berliners, RE3 leaves approx every 2 hours from Berlin HBF/ Südkreuz with a 5 min transition to Sbahn in Lutherstadt Wittenberg Hbf. Takes in total 2h. Use Bassliner’s website to organize shuttle tickets.

By Vehicle
All vehicles must pre-purchase a parking ticket before arriving. There are two tiers: 1 for cars, 1 for campers. Campers + vans are welcome, but unfortunately we cannot provide electricity or plumbing hookups. Drivers should be aware that local police are very likely to make stops and search vehicles both entering & exiting the festival grounds. What does this mean? Every vehicle should plan on having a weekend-long 100% sober driver. Be smart, be safe.

In the case someone is not doing well or a serious incident arises, we encourage you to use the SOS function on our app (we will make posts to announce when version 2.0 is ready!). Don’t forget to pass on vital information about where you are located.

Enter the property on Ferropolisstraße from Bundesstraße (B107) to find the check-in. After check in you will be redirected where to park. The car park is in a separate area, which can be accessed during the festival, but you will not be able to sleep there. Caravan camping is located next to the main camping area. Once a camper is parked, we cannot move it until the end of the festival. Thank you for your understanding on this matter.
<strong>Vehicle check-in:</strong> 51.74734, 12.43216

Festival address:
Ferropolisstraße 1, 06773 Gräfenhainichen

Local Taxi
As a last minute resort for trips to <> from
Ferropolis / Gräfenhainichen / Dessau:
Marions Taxi
+49 (0) 1522 9549135
Frank Sommerlatte Taxibetrieb
+49 (0) 34904 20331



Bringing your own gear is the lowest-cost option. There are many cheap providers in Berlin, or ask around & borrow from a friend. We encourage you to bring only what you can take home & reuse, otherwise we suggest utilizing the rental services featured in the next two slides. Leaving behind equipment for others to deal with is not the kind of energy we are trying to channel at WHOLE! If you don’t want to take your camping equipment back with you, please head to the UTOPIA Kiosk at the main entrance. They are happy to collect camping gear and give it a second life.

Can’t deal w/ camping logistics? Rent online & get it on-site with Utopia. We love their upcycling approach, which results in less waste. Expect traditional camping equipment, plus an on-site kiosk selling camping items & things like power banks, rolling papers, tampons, etc. Have them set it up for you, or save a few bucks by setting up yourself.
Utopia tent check-in: 51.746329, 12.430524
Utopia kiosk: 51.74908, 12.43778

We’re happy to introduce DOMO CAMP, a new provider offering sustainable natural cotton tents. The price can be scaled up/down depending on tent size (the large tent can house up to 8 peeps), number/type of beds (camp cot vs. comfort mattress), etc. The reception for DOMO will be in the same locale at Utopia. Upon entering the property on Ferropolisstraße, it will be on the left side of the campground.
DOMO check-in: 51.746329, 12.430524

Folks arriving by vehicle must pre-purchase a parking pass (wholefestival.shop). Enter the property on Ferropolisstraße and then take a left on Bundesstraße to find the check-in. After check in you will be redirected where to park. The car park is in a separate area, which can be accessed during the festival, but you will not be able to sleep there. Caravan camping is located next to the main camping area.
Vehicle check-in: 51.74734, 12.43216


We worked really hard to go completely cashless this year, but those wristbands systems are quite pricey and didn’t fit into our budget. Therefore, we will have a mixed system payment system on- site, meaning cash & card.

As there are no ATMs on-site, all bars and food vendors will accept cash, but also cards. Yes, you can tap your phones to pay. Please note that showers and douching station will be card only.

Bring some cash to pay the FIVE EURO TRASH DEPOSIT that everyone pays upon entry.


The campground will have toilets, showers and a big sink station. We’re increasing the number of water points to refill your (non-glass) bottle (near every stage).

The number of Dixi portable toilets is also increasing, so please refrain from pissing in the bushes! Similar to previous years showers will cost 2€ per.

This year we also offer a 5 EUR shower flat rate for the WHOLE weekend :) We are offering a douching station this year. The showers and douche station will only be payable by card.

There is a mistake on our map that we just noticed, where the showers at campsite are labelled as ‘cold showers.’ The only cold shower is the rinse off shower btw the Arena Stage and bathing beach on peninsula. The others are regular showers, but we cannot guarantee hot water when hundreds of people are all trying to shower at the same time.

Another mistake on the map we just noticed is that the main camping shows a barrier free shower there, but there is only one and it is located on the peninsula. Sorry for these mistakes.


In the past we received (justified) criticism about the food and drink on offer. We sat down with all partners and reorganized the entire gastro situation. We are committed to improving this, so that it can better aligns with your wants & needs. Together with Bite Club, we are hard at work curating food vendors and a bar staff & menu that will better accommodate & resonate with our crowd. Cigarettes and tobacco at all bars this year. Check our recent Instagram carousel about Food & Beverage to see what options are on offer. Most every vendor accepts cash and card.

You are welcome to bring your own food, at campsite or on peninsula, but please no glass containers!



Find the lockers at the info point on peninsula. We’ve sourced out a locker service, so you don’t have to carry your belongings around the festival site (please note: only a limited amount are available). We are currently taking pre-bookings for weekend-long bookings. Go in on one with your friends! All lockers have a code, which you program yourself. Find them next to the info point at the peninsula entrance. Opening hours Friday 2pm – Monday 8am. Our team at the info point are there to help you with on-site bookings, or if you forget your code. Per day rentals should be possible on-site, depending on availability. Please do not bring valuable items (like laptops & expensive jewelry) to the festival.

These are almost sold out!

Weekend-long locker prices

Medium: 20€
25x25x40 CM

Medium w/ USB: 27,50€
25x25x40 CM with 2 USB Ports

Large: 30€
25x35x40 CM


1) Please don’t be that person that’s constantly on their phone trying to make stories and videos of every moment. Not everyone in the crowd wants to be on camera, and having that thing in your hand the entire time is really not a good look. Let’s try to connect & engage with each other first in person before trying to display our presence at the festival online to others.
2) Bring a (solar rechargeable)power bank!
3) We have four pavilions on-site (the chill out cove on campsite, and three on peninsula) which will serve as a place to relax and retreat, but these will also have plugs.



Similar to previous years, at check-in you will need to pay a €5 cash deposit in exchange for a trash bag + deposit chip. Before departing, go to the designated point to return the bag (at least half full) + pfand chip to receive back the deposit. We appreciate your help in keeping the area clean, which starts by minimizing the amount you bring in. Smokers, please butt your cigarettes out & put ‘em in the bin. Pocket ashtrays are available at the info points.

Trash return: 51.74899, 12.43778
Info point (peninsula): 51.75707, 12.44452
Info point (camping): 51.749017, 12.437308


Info point (peninsula): 51.75707, 12.44452

Info point (camping): 51.749017, 12.437308


The festival is an ideal context to be playful and experiment, but we really strive to foster an environment predicated with an ethos of love & care. This starts with how we look after ourselves and those around us. Expect an increase in more trained professionals and medical staff this year, plus an expansion of our first aid / awareness points. If you are not feeling well, reach out. If a friend is not doing well, don’t hide them in a tent.  No judgement, find our team. If someone is alone and seems like they could use a little attention, step in or locate a staff member. Consume responsibly, drink water, piss clear, eat & rest… don’t overdo it!

Our Awareness Team is lead by TS Raver, a grass roots organization led by and for queer and trans people, providing dedicated services that focus on the intersection of nightlife & care. We are committed to creating a diverse team that inspires thoughtful harm reduction & safety.  We will make a detailed post about how to locate our awareness team & where the awareness tents & first aid tents will be located on -site.

If you have medication that needs to be refrigerated, register at the Info Point.


The paramedics station can accommodate this. There is one located on the peninsula and one on the main camping.


All guests must be 18+ to enter the festival, and provide valid ID. No children allowed. A valid official ID card is advised. Student cards are not accepted. No dogs or any other animals are allowed on-site.

Confetti: Micro-plastics are not the look! Evoke your festivity in another outward form and help keep the site’s sandy beaches & grass clean. Confetti & glitter are not permitted, unless eco-plant based.

No glass containers or weapons of any kind are allowed (no camping saws, axes, etc). NO ANIMALS, no generators, electric refrigerators, any kind of bulky waste. No drugs, gas containers >250 grams, car batteries, explosive substances, unauthorized fireworks, sound systems, vuvuzelas, compressor sirens, megaphones, PA-systems or firewood will be allowed on site. No unconstitutional or discriminatory flags, national flags, banners, stickers or patches…ain’t nobody got time for that.


  • Ticket on phone ** (see below)
  • Tent, if not rented
  • Camping mat and sleeping bag
  • Pillow and warm blanket
  • Rubbish bags at check-in
  • Camping chairs 
  • Plates camping cutlery
  • Food & snacks
  • Water bottle (non-glass)
  • Pocket torch
  • Power bank
  • Small bag to tote stuff to the stage area 
  • Toilet paper or tissues 
  • Towels 
  • Soap and Shampoo 
  • Lube
  • Tissues
  • Sunscreen
  • Sun hat
  • Sunglasses 
  • Toothbrush & toothpaste
  • Safer sex items (PrEP, condoms, etc.) 
  • Rain jacket and rain proof shoes
  • Warm clothes for the night
  • Medication
  • Cash (there are no ATMs on-site, see cashless section above)

    **This year the tickets are Sealed Tickets, which means that they will only become available to download shortly before the event. We do this to prevent fraud and unfair trading of tickets. You can read more about Sealed Tickets here. Your tickets will become available for download at the date and time stated on the order status page. If you would like to sell your Sealed Tickets, you can do so on the resale ticketing platform, TicketSwap. You can do so through the order status page.

    To access the order status page, click on the ‘Download tickets’ button in your confirmation email. Scroll down until you see ‘Changed your mind or can’t go?’  More: READ MORE.


From rain to extreme sun, we’ve had it all. While we will prepare for some inclement weather, make sure you get yourself covered for hot sun, cool nights, and the potential for rain.  Pack layers accordingly.  Pack an umbrella, a poncho, a trash bag to put wet clothes in, some warm layers for night! The festival will take place rain or shine.

Please note that all ticket sales are final.  If you can no longer attend,  we recommend reselling via Ticketswap.


Please note that all ticket sales are final. If you can no longer attend, we recommend reselling via Ticketswap.



What are sealed tickets, and how do they work?
Sealed Tickets are tickets that have already been purchased but cannot be downloaded immediately. Eventix collaborates with the event organiser to prevent fraud and unfair trade in tickets. Tickets were unsealed Wed Jul 26.

When can I download my tickets?
Your tickets will only become available for download shortly before the event starts. You can find out when the tickets become available on the Order Status Page.

How can you sell a sealed ticket?
Go to the download page of your order. You can reach this by opening the confirmation email of your ordered tickets and clicking on the Download tickets link. Scroll down until you come across the -Can you no longer attend?- option. Here you will be given the opportunity to sell your tickets through official resale channels.

I bought Refund Protect. How does it work?
You bought your tickets with Upgraded Refund Terms. You can easily request a refund through the download page. Follow the step below to submit your claim:
Step 1
Go to the confirmation email you received after ordering your tickets.

Step 2
Click on the download link Download ticket(s).

Step 3
You’re now on the download page. Scroll down until you see the Refund Terms;

Step 4
Copy the booking reference by clicking on it.

Step 5
Follow the link to the form.

Step 6
Fill in the form and clearly indicate which tickets you want to receive a refund for. Make sure you correctly fill in the answers to the questions. Without the correct information, Refund Protect cannot properly assess the claim.

Can my tickets be scanned off my phone?
Yes, they can! By scanning your tickets directly off your phone rather than printing, you can save a lot of paper. Do not forget to turn up the brightness on your mobile phone.

Where to buy tickets?
Tickets for this event can only be bought via our shop, or second-hand tickets through TicketSwap or Tixel. We strongly advise you not to buy tickets through third parties, as we can’t guarantee the validity of these tickets. https://wholefestival.shop

I want to sell my ticket, how do I do that?
You can sell a ticket privately to friends or family. You can easily use the name change tool to
change a name on a ticket. You can also sell your tickets through TicketSwap. When a ticket is sold via TicketSwap, we’ll generate a new ticket and QR code for the new buyer. This means that the new buyer won’t be able to see the sellers information on the ticket and will receive their own unique ticket.

I bought tickets through a third party. Can you check if the ticket is still valid?
Unfortunately, we can’t do this. We do not support tickets which are sold through unofficial channels. It may be the case that your ticket is still valid but was sold to multiple people. That is why we cannot guarantee that you will be able to enter the event. Therefore, we do not generate codes for tickets not bought via the official sites.

For further info / help, please contact Eventix customer service.

Time table