CAMPGROUND: 10:00 Fri, Aug 2 – 18:00 Mon, Aug 5
PENINSULA (STAGES): 14:00 Fri, Aug 2 – 07:00 Mon, Aug 5

Access to the campgrounds will not open until 10:00, Fri, Aug 2. Before this time the site will be considered an active construction site and we are legally NOT allowed to host guests. We are unable to accommodate early arrivals Thursday evening. For the sake of our small production team pulling this off, please do not show up early.

We will once again offer a free shuttle to help make the commute between the stage & camping areas, which worked quite well last year. Expect one bus to continually run all weekend. We are planning a second bus stop closer to the far side of the main camping ground (closer to where the DOMO + Utopia camps will be).


If you’ve purchased a ticket and possess a disability card, write to us to receive a free companion ticket for your assisting person.

This year the accessible camping area is moving to the main camping area, with barrier free toilets and showers in the vicinity. It is no longer on the peninsula. Write our team on this topic so we can accommodate you (preferably by July 1): access@wholefestival.com

We must also make it known that some of the beaches & sandy areas of the property are not 100% wheelchair accessible. This is a long-term goal of ours. There are still some barriers on the festival site that need to be worked through, but we are willing to find individual solutions for everybody who wants to attend. The premises do not have a guidance system for the blind. Because of the high levels of music, Ferropolis doesn’t allow assistant dogs.

The Bassliner buses from Berlin are unfortunately not accessible for wheelchairs, but if you travel by train to Dessau or Gräfenhainichen, wheelchair accessible Bassliner bus shuttles can scoop you up there and bring you to Ferropolis. The free on-site shuttles from the main camp to the peninsula are accessible. This year we are adding a second stop at the camping site.  This second stop (called Fußgängerbrücke or Footbridge) is where you will get off to reach the accessible camping zone.



WHOLE Festival 2024 is Going Cashless!

For a smoother festival experience! We decided to go cashless to reduce the time spent in queues and to remove the hassle of carrying wallets or worrying about losing cash or cards.Your personal info stays private and will not be shared with third parties.

No cash or credit cards—only quick, easy digital payments. We suggest getting ahead of the game and loading your balance before you arrive. This also means you can manage your account yourself from your phone while on-site. For those worried about not having a bank account or credit card, don’t stress! You can bring cash to load up on-site, too! When you arrive at the main entrance, swipe your ticket for a festival wristband with RFID chip. The chip is your digital wallet for the event.

Get Ahead of the Game
Load your balance before you arrive & skip the wait at top-up stations on-site! Set up your cashless account via the link before the event. It’s quick, easy, and free (there is a charge for Paypal , more below). Just enter your ticket’s barcode number, choose the amount, and pay. When you arrive, you’ll get a wristband with a chip, and you’re good to go without waiting at a top-up station!


Enter email below & choose your language to start an account.
WeezPay widget

How It Works
Load Up Your Chip: You can load money onto the chip before or during the festival, making payments a breeze.
Track Your Spending: Keep an eye on all your transactions and spending in real-time.
Get Your Refund: Any leftover balance? No worries! Get it refunded online after the festival.

Enter your email and click “Continue.”
Fill in your details and create a password.
Accept the Terms and Conditions and click “Submit.”
Enter your ticket code and click “Submit.” As of 18:00 on July 22, your festival ticket, purchased via Eventix, will become unsealed.

Choose your top-up amount (e.g., €100.00) and click “Top Up.”
Select a payment method and click “Pay.”
Note: A €3.50 fee applies for PayPal.

Your balance is linked to your wristband at the entrance. If you’ve already topped up, you’re ready to go!

Trash Deposit: You still need to bring €10 CASH for the trash deposit, which is due upon entry.

The Design Market will not be a part of the cashless system. Form of payment depends on the individual vendors. You can use cash, credit, or debit cards here. Wholistic Massage will also not be apart of the cashless system, but they will take cash & Paypal.

Wristband Troubles?
Lost or faulty wristband? We’ve got you covered at two info points: one at the peninsula entrance and one at the main entrance of guest camping. If registered online, we can block your old chip and transfer your balance to a new one. If not, bring your festival ticket for identification.

Top-Up Options

Before the Event:
Online Account Setup: The easiest way! Use your credit card (PayPal incurs a small fee). Enter your ticket barcode, choose the amount, and pay. At the festival, you’ll get a wristband with your preloaded balance.

During the Event:

Top-Up Stations: If you didn’t register online, no problem! Get your wristband at the entrance and load it at one of two top-up stations.
Online Top-Up: Scan the QR code on your wristband with your phone, enter the amount and payment method, and boom—you’re topped up! Ensure your phone has internet access.

Important Tips

Minimum top-up amount is 30€.
Maximum top-up is €250.00 (can be topped up up to 250€ as often as you want)
Accepted payment methods: Visa, MasterCard, and debit cards. There is the possibility to top up via cash at both info points (on the peninsula and the campground).
Some banks might have security limits. Therefore, you might want to consider bringing  your physical card with your PIN number. For Apple Pay (regardless of the card), a maximum of 30 euros can be loaded per transaction. However, multiple 30 euro transactions are allowed.

Check your balance at any bar or food stand, on your phone (if registered), or at top-up stations.
Pro tip: Take a picture of your chip code on the back of your chip, in case it gets lost.


You can get a refund for any leftover balance through your cashless account shortly after the festival. Refunds for leftover balance start from August 6, 2024. You can request refunds after the event via your account. You’ll get an email that states when the refunds are open You’ve got until September 6, 2024 to claim your money back. Keep your chip until you get your refund!!! You will need it to get a refund.

Log into your cashless account. Click “Withdraw” under “Transactions” to request a refund.
Refunds take about 2 weeks and include a small transaction fee.

Data & Security
Transactions are recorded, but your personal info stays private.
We follow all GDPR rules and don’t share your data with partners or sponsors.

No GPS tracking—just payment magic!


For Legal Reasons:



Upon entering the gates, you will be asked to pay a €10 CASH trash deposit in exchange for a campground rubbish bag + deposit chip. When you exit, please go to the designated point to return the trash bag + pfand chip to receive back the deposit. The bag must be at least half full to receive back your deposit. Keeping the campground clean is a group effort and we appreciate your help. Start by minimizing the amount of rubbish that you pack and bring in. Smokers, please butt your cigarettes out & put ‘em in the bin. Pick up a pocket ashtray at the info point.

Remind your friends to bring cash for the trash deposit. There will not be an ATM on-site. The rest of the festival transactions can take place via our new cashless system.


For ticket resales, we ONLY suggest using our trusted partner Ticketswap.


We will post the exact coordinates later.
Lost and Found items can be turned in here.
If you have meds that need to be refrigerated, check in here.

Info point (peninsula):  TBA

Info point (camping): TBA

During the Festival:
If you find a lost item, bring it to an INFO POINT on the peninsula or at the main entrance (camping).
We will collect and store items there for pickup.
Each night, we will transfer all lost items from the peninsula to the camping info point.
Forgotten locker items will also be brought to the main entrance info point.
After the Festival:
By law, valuable personal items (phones, ID cards, credit cards, high-value jewelry, glasses, etc.) will be taken to the local lost-and-found office in Gräfenhainichen.
Other items (caps, costume jewelry, sunglasses, etc.) will be stored at the lost-and-found office in Ferropolis. We cannot transport any items to our Berlin office.



All guests must be 18+ to enter the festival, and provide valid ID. No children allowed. A valid official ID card is advised. Student cards are not accepted. No dogs or any other animals are allowed on-site.

Confetti: Micro-plastics are not the look! Evoke your festivity in another outward form and help keep the site’s sandy beaches & grass clean. Confetti & glitter are not permitted, unless eco-plant based.

No glass containers or weapons of any kind are allowed (no camping saws, axes, etc). NO ANIMALS, no generators, electric refrigerators, any kind of bulky waste. No drugs, gas containers >250 grams, car batteries, explosive substances, unauthorized fireworks, sound systems, vuvuzelas, compressor sirens, megaphones, PA-systems or firewood will be allowed on site.  We are reviewing how we can provide thorough safety checks at the entrance but not hold up the line.  Detailed arrival instructions will be posted closer to the festival. 

Please, we strongly advise against bringing flags, particularly national flags (banners, stickers or patches). We are aiming to create a space where individuals from all backgrounds can come together and celebrate our shared humanity. We kindly ask that you leave national symbols at home and instead embrace the spirit of unity and inclusivity that we are striving to cultivate at this event.


From rain to extreme sun, we’ve had it all. While we will prepare for some inclement weather, make sure you get yourself covered for hot sun, cool nights, and the potential for rain! Pack layers accordingly. We highly recommend packing a day bag to bring with you to the stages, like a beach blanket (some festive fairy lights to make it distinctive in the evening), a day-to-night lewk to reveal, water bottle (non-glass), SPF lotion, protein bar, a warm layer for night time

The festival will take place rain or shine. Please note that all ticket sales are final. If you can no longer attend, we recommend reselling via Ticketswap (which opens 12. July).


For more info on these topics, please see our new GUIDE section.



The festival can be considered like a game. Find the games you wanna play, learn the rules, have fun. Be romantic about the little things, yet realistic about the big things.


Our production internship opportunities are closed but we hope you can join us next year.


Thanks for your interest. All positions have been filled. Check back next year.


Our volunteer program is closed but we hope you can join us next year.

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