Friday, 21.00-03.00

Buba Saba

Sunset, 21.00/22.00

Buba Sababa is one of Berlin’s most prolific drag kings, and the King of Kreuzberg of 2021 Mx. Kotti drag pageant. He is a chameleon of performance, cabaret, and theatre, fire performance as well as a gifted costume designer and teacher. Together with Venus Boys he is one of the key figures leading Berlin’s Drag King Revolution, helping facilitate community workshops and allowing new King performers take their first steps on stage at his monthly Tipsy Bear show, „König.“

Sazukki Yukki- Oracle


Suzuki Yuki is The Oracle from the orient we’ve all heard / been warned about. They bring wisdom from the east – wisdom that you could also possess if you’re lucky enough.  

The Orient, as we’ve all heard about, is a place of mystery and wonder and new magic comes alive through the gate keeper of the perspectives, The Oracle. 

Need some clarity on a deep rooted trauma or advice on your delusional love story or just a compliment to make your day because someone has hurt you? 

Ask the Oracle – and you may (or may not) receive. 

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