Auntie’s Act

Sunday, 20:15 – 20:30

Lola Rose is a motivational, ratchet, sassy, aned classy Drag Aunty, producer, actor and choreographer, originally from San Francisco living, breathing, fucking and creating in Berlin. Her spoken word addresses current social issues, like racism, body positivity, mental health, and (self) love to help people overcome their fears on these subjects. They currently hold a Black history month show called B.A.M. Black Ass Moments-Supernegroes of the World at Tipsy Bear Berlin.

Nana Schweiz: A forever South-Floridian, this Judeo-Nonagenarian thumps it and bumps it in her traditional style. Fusing diabolical guilt with legendary comedy. Nana is sure to have you clutching your Chai’s as she force feeds you her world-renowned matzo ball soup. She is currently finishing up production on her documentary “Florida! Ya Kill Me!” where she searches the Sunshine State for the place she’ll spend her Sunset Years.

Gieza Poke is Berlin’s filthies and fabulous acclaimed author of self-published, semi-autobiographical erotic fiction. The doors of her PokeHouse are open wide. Why not slip inside for a ride? This Drag Auntie loves to get creative and make her own shit, taking you on a hilarious and sensual ride through the many pleasures of human experience.

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