Sunday, 20:45 – 21:15

QUEERDOS is a Berlin-based queer performance collective that challenges norms and embraces disorderliness from the page to the stage. Through curated spoken-word poetry and music, they explore radical poetic discourse and (re)claim autonomy in performative spaces. Their work transforms queer trauma and amplifies misrepresented and underrepresented queer identities, particularly that of trans* and gender-non-conforming individuals. At WHOLE, QUEERDOS will be presenting their latest sweaty spoken word session, The Sultry Bitch Theory.

Danya Harvey

Danya, a poet who embodies transition and translation through their life and work. They weave their words with intention and vulnerability, living in a realm of healing and creativity.

Danya, with their Libra sun, Capricorn moon, and Leo rising, exists as a patient poet, finding solace and growth through their written expressions. They perform translingual happenings, captivating minds in Berlin and wherever possible.

At this moment, Danya navigates between reparative and paranoid creative practices, complementing mindfulness with moments of dissociation. Their life’s work is an attempt to reconcile discipline with mischief, as they embrace both the monk and the monkey within.

Pierre Emö

Originally hailing from France, Pierre has made Berlin his creative playground, working in film, theatre, performance, and modelling. In the realm of cinema, Pierre has graced the screen in Yann Gonzalez’s “KNIFE + HEART” and Bruce La Bruce’s “IT IS NOT THE PORNOGRAPHER THAT IS PERVERSE.” On stage, Pierre dives into immersive theatre with the Nilsson Eicke group in the @blnensemble production “DECAMERON” and @schauspiel.koeln ‘ “THE VALKYRIE.”

Nicky Miller

Nicky is a Berlin-based genderqueer interdisciplinary artist specializing in film, performance art, and creative writing. Born in Paris, France, with Vietnamese origins, Nicky’s work revolves around LGBTQ+ sexualities and identities. Their award-winning short films have been screened at numerous international Queer film festivals, including Pink Lips, Fisherman, Lemon Taste, Romance, Porn Warriors, Happy Valentine Day!, and Oh!Socks. Each film explores politically sensitive topics and delves into issues such as sex work, fetishism, BDSM, and queer sexual practice.

Cat Jugravu

Cat (they/them/sie) is a Romanian non-binary LGBTQIA+ activist, theatre-director, poetry writer, and performer. Cat studied Stage Acting at The National University of Theatre and Film in Bucharest, where they earned their Bachelor’s Degree. They later pursued a Master’s Degree in Applied Theatre and Society at the Mozarteum University Salzburg, graduating in 2023. Since 2018, Cat has been the co-founder and artistic director of the Queerdos Ensemble in Berlin. Their work focuses on community building, somatic art therapy, and generative theatre methodology. They are particularly dedicated to amplifying LGBTQIA+ narratives and empowering individuals and communities through embodied artistic practices. Their projects often address critical issues such as gender-based violence, abuse, trans/homophobia, racism, and xenophobia. As a trans-non-binary performance artist, poet, and theatre director of Roma descent, Cat explores the intersection of performance, deep bodywork, trauma politics, and social activism.

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