Oozing Gloop & Cass-Trator

Sunday, 20.30-20.45


A Trans-aggressive tarot reader and tattooist, the worlds’ premier Autistic-Green-Drag-Queen; Oozing Gloop is a spectre haunting Europe. Primarily concerned with the crafting of queer utopias, she has founded a political philosophy of commucracy, but her current area of research is in Trans-Frogs and Boglins (Butt Goblins). Her most recent show, Tentacular Spectacular has just concluded its international tour with a sold-out run in london at Battersea Art Centre.


Cass Traitor is a London-based dominatrix specialising in erotic hypnotism, mind control and chastity training. They run East London’s most ghastly BDSM dungeon, co-Edit a sex worker magazine (Red Insight), and hold the keys to the cock cages of countless desperate cumpigs around the world. Cass gives workshops and lectures on the art of sadomasochism, sexual empowerment and sex worker rights.

Cass (is a queer neurodivergent artist who) performs with the Sex Worker’s Opera, and with their solo cabaret show Dear Mistress. Cass’s performances fuse fetish, psychosexual meditation, physical theatre and sadistic stand up comedy. Their first short film Oubliette was recently screened at WhoreHouse Cinema film festival in Amsterdam.

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