House of Living Colors

Sunday, 21:15 – 21:45

Founded in 2018, House of Living Colors (HOLC) is a drag and performance collective for queer and trans black and people of color (QTBPOC) working at the intersection of gender and performance. Our work is grounded in intersectional analysis and practice. We pay attention to how interlocking systems of power—particularly, mental health disparities, physical disability, neuro diversity, race, socio economic class, gender identity—reproduce oppression to understand how we can facilitate safer space for our guests.

Ken Pollet
Ken Pollet is a drag king artist, gender terrorist, philosopher and producer who has been making the drag king revolution in Barcelona since 2019 producing events like @kingsdragkingantirace , workshops, debates and interviews.
Ken is a quite serious parody of the absurd yet real gender norms. He uses parody and desire as weapons to crack gender norms & machismo, and will come to WHOLE to provoke and empower you!

Anita Love
Anita Love whispers dirty secrets to you from her pop music palace with genre-fluid hits that merge ambient, poetry, and four-on-the-floor grooves. She also produces several live music events across Berlin including: double dip: queer frequencies in ambient (Klunkerkranich); queer bedroom pop (Tipsy Bear/800A Bar & Cabaret); and queer open stage (SilverFuture). She is currently developing her debut EP, realizing her fantasy of releasing “little movies you can dance to.”

Lilith the Quing
Lilith the Quing (they/them) is the sweetest demon you’ll ever meet. They ran away from the garden of Eden to explore what they weren’t allowed to be and now they come to extinguish the patriarchy, celebrate queerness and make you eat that forbidden fruit of knowledge 🍑 and make you question what is good and evil and all other binaries.
Lilith sometimes takes the form of a human, a sexy Brazilian carioca (fuck)boi called Ken Marroska (he/him), bringing some boyceta transviado realness to the stages of Berlin.

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