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Bushwig started in 2011, and was born out of the desire to celebrate Brooklyn’s unique queer community. It started in a backyard as a small get together and has grown into an international brand that curates uber-famous Drag Race stars on lineups next to first-time and up-and-coming drag performers. Since then, it has become the Coachella of drag, attracting thousands of people from around the globe for two days of queer excellence. It’s a celebration of drag, love and community.


Hannah Lou

Hailing from California, Hannah Lou is a non-binary trans multidisciplinary drag artist and DJ currently residing in Mexico City. Lou uses influences from her Latin roots to shape her sound and, as a performer, activates her Chicana heritage to inspire others to learn about their ancestry.


Originally from Texas, Chata is a drag queen, event producer, fashion icon and DJ extraordinaire living and working in Brooklyn, New York. She is the co-founder of Bushwig Festival, a drag festival in Brooklyn to which Lady Bunny herself passed down the Wigstock torch.


Antonio Onio has been dancing since childhood. Moving to Berlin awakened the desire to DJ. From then on, he has assembled many Berlin parties such as MAKUMBA, VENGANZA, and REIF, as a resident DJ, project-based co-curator, or an outside eye. Since 2016, he has also been working as a programmer and production head of @bushwig Festival in New York City.


Serena Tea is a drag artist, performer and model. A dynamic dancer, voguer and performer, her stage work and performances focus on bringing her community together, while embodying and celebrating black excellence.

Vincent Riebeek

Vincent Riebeek makes provocative work that balances on a fine line between art and entertainment. He questions and expands the limits of what dance and performance can be. Vincent does not shy away from challenging conventions and incorporates influences from so called ‘high’ and ‘low’ art. As a choreographer and performer who was initially self-taught, Vincent embraced his outsider status and expressed his ideas through forms in which he received no formal training, or professional experience, such as ballet, singing and circus artistry. ‘Sneaking’ himself in and questioning the spaces he did not ‘belong’.

Essa Noche

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