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Doors open at noon on Friday. We cannot accommodate folks on Thursday, as the site is still an active construction site and not legally safe. Upon arrival, all luggage & belongings will be checked at the entrance gate. Festival programming will start at 2pm Friday, August 26. The main stage music will stop at 4am early Monday morning, Aug 29. Everyone must cleared off of the festival peninsula area by noon Monday, August 29. Please leave no trace, taking all belongings and trash with you. Our tickets say 2G+ back when we were in the thick of the pandemic. Our Covid protocol is to follow all local regulations, which currently there are none.


Parts of the festival are situated on sandy beaches and uneven meadows, therefore 100% wheelchair accessibility is only partially given, but mostly viable. Accessible toilets (in the brick and mortar building) and a barrier free shower (container) will be located by the info point. A barrier free Dixi can be found up front by the ticket entrance and another by the beach stage.

If you require an accompanying person, please write to us to verify your disability card, and your chosen person will gladly be granted free entry. Give us a heads up so we can best accommodate you.


GETTING THERE By Train + Shuttle
Cheapest & greenest option – Deutsche Bahn’s “Berlin Brandenburg ticket” costs €33 (one way for a maximum of 5 passengers / 2. Klasse only / regional train only, ICE trains excluded). Or, pickup the special Deutschlandweit €9 ticket that is currently on offer for regional trains (keep in mind that bc of this, the trains have been quite packed so you might want to reconsider this if you’re bringing a lot of camping supplies). Train RE7 departs from Berlin every hour from many stations (including BER airport). The train ride is approx 1h40m from Berlin Hbf and will take you to Dessau Hbf. You will need to buy a bus shuttle ticket through shuttle company Bassliner’s website in order to get you to & from Dessau Hbf to Ferropolis. Access Bassliner’s site here.

If you are coming from the direction of Leipzig, you can book yourself a train to Gräfenhainichen and book a Bassliner shuttle from there. You can get to Gräfenhainichen from Berlin, it just requires a transfer. This is the closet train station to Ferropolis (and therefore shortest shuttle ride). From Berlin take RE3, transfer at Lutherstadt Wittenberg Hbf, take S2 (toward Leipzig-Stötteritz) and get off at Gräfenhainichen.

GETTING THERE By Chartered Bus
Third party charter service Bassliner will bring festival goers from Berlin Ostbahnhof directly to Ferropolis, and back. Click here to book tickets directly through them.

Vehicles must pre-purchase a parking ticket (two tiers: 1 for cars, 1 for campers) via our ticketing platform. Campers + vans are welcome, but unfortunately we cannot provide power & plumbing hookups. Those driving should be aware that local police are VERY likely to stop drivers both entering & exiting the festival grounds, even going as far as drug testing folks. What does this mean? Every vehicle should plan on having a weekend-long 100% sober driver. Please be careful!

GETTING THERE – Local Taxi Service
For trips to<>from Ferropolis, Gräfenhainichen, & Dessau
Marions Taxi & Mietwagenservice
Mobil 01522 9549135


We are a 3 day camping festival. Please pitch your tents within the designated area and keep roads clear, as they function as escape routes & fire lanes. Watch for delineated camping areas, being respectful of the property & surrounding nature

TENT RENTAL SERVICE – This year we are working with Utopia to provide tent rentals. Book directly through them.

What to pack… tent, sleeping bag, pillows, air mattress (and pump), flashlight / solar lantern, USB-chargeable fan, canopy or shade structure, camping chairs / table, picnic blanket… What not to pack…glass containers are not allowed.


Rechargeable power bank (charge at the 24/7 coffee bar or treehouse bar), SPF sun cream, sunglasses, big hats, big fans, umbrella (for rain or sun protection), baby wipes, ear plugs, lips balm, giant inflatable rafts or floaties for the lake, bio bug repellent (lavender, lemongrass, & eucalyptus act as a natural alternative), toothbrush, soap, condoms, Prep refill + other medication, lube, ibuprofen, Emergen-C packets and other post-party supplements, beach towel, hammock, bottle opener, compostable plates/utensils.


Expect a full range of toilet stalls, urinals, sinks and showers. Near the main entrance of the festival area, you will find a large brick building containing two separate rooms with general genderless toilets marked: 1) “Stalls” 2) “Stalls & Urinals.” There is a toilet structure close to the beach stage with outdoor urinals + indoor single occupancy units. Portable “Dixi” toilets will be sprinkled around the property. Please engage in polite bathroom etiquette; if a fellow raver needs to use the toilet sitting down, let them go ahead of you before your entire gang takes over the stall. Unsure? Ask & offer.


We kindly ask everyone to pay €2 per shower, so bring those coins. This money will go toward the costly shower rental containers & cleaning staff. Unfortunately the €2 does not guarantee that your shower will be piping hot. Don’t forget to bring a towel, slides/sandals, and toiletries, these items won’t be sold on site. Barrier-free toilets & showers are on-site.


Bring a refillable water bottle, or buy one cheaply from our merchandise stand. Bringing an XXL water container for your home camp is always a good idea. We are increasing the amount of water stations this year. Make sure that you and your friends stay hydrated while partying in the sun.
There will be over a dozen vendors on-site serving an array of food. You are allowed to bring your own food & drink, but please, glass packaging is not allowed. Bring snacks and maybe some extras to share. Think of items that will survive the heat and don’t need much preparation: fruits, nuts, rice cakes dressed up w/ nut butter & dried fruit, granola, protein bars. Pack a watermelon to cut up for your tentmates, make a pasta salad the night before & eat it for dinner the first night. Bring treats like candy & crisps to share. Note that ice will not be for sale on-site.


Upon entering the gates, you will be asked to pay a €5 CASH deposit in exchange for a campground rubbish bag + deposit chip. When you exit, please go to the designated point to return the trash bag + pfand chip to receive back the deposit. The bag must be at least half full to receive back your deposit. Keeping the campground clean is a group effort and we appreciate your help. Start by minimizing the amount of rubbish that you pack and bring in. Smokers, please butt your cigarettes out & put ‘em in the bin. Pick up a pocket ashtray at the info point.


The volunteer program for this year is closed.


Because we are committed to ensuring that our crowd is vibrant & intersectional, we are starting a new scholarship program. Not everyone is in the position to buy a ticket, so we want to give some away. Priority will be given to Black people, people of color, trans, gender nonconforming folks and artists from our community. The application for this program is closed.


If you are not feeling well, reach out. Your friend is not doing good, don’t hide them in a tent! No judgement, find our team. If someone is alone and it seems like they could use a little attention, step in or locate a staff member. Consume responsibly, drink water, eat, rest… don’t overdo it!

The festival is an ideal context to be playful & experiment, but we really want to foster an environment predicated with an ethos of love & wellness. This starts with how we look after ourselves and those around us. If needed, never be afraid to intervene in a caring, non-invasive way. We are committed to changing nightlife cultural. We are all in this together; a community of peers helping one another.

Our awareness team is led by Berlin Anti-Violence Projekt, with assistance from TS Raver. Berlin AVP is a non-profit grass roots organization by and for queer and trans people, providing dedicated services that focus on the intersection of nightlife & care.

This year, there will be 4 awareness tents. The main tent will be across from the food court, close to the SNAP paramedics area (which is across from the Orangerie). 2) crane / techno stage 3) bathing beach with representation from TS Raver + DrugScout 4) forest, close to the ambient stage / treehouse bar

Awareness team members will be recognizable from their purple vests. Security will wear white vests. Find them if a situation has arisen and you need extra help. If you’ve stumbled upon a situation, for example a person who seems to not be feeling well, or maybe unconscious, one person from the group should stay with the person, and the other locates help by finding an awareness tent or security personnel. We will have a thorough awareness team, accentuated with volunteers, doing the rounds, so we don’t anticipate any major problems, but we should all always be vigilant and helpful.

Anyone arriving with specific medical needs should try to hit us up beforehand so we can accommodate. Medication that needs to be refrigerated, please register at the Info Point.


Confetti: Micro-plastics are not the look! Evoke your festivity in another outward form and help keep the site’s sandy beaches & grass clean. Confetti & glitter are not permitted, unless eco-plant based.

No glass containers or weapons of any kind are allowed (no camping saws, axes, etc). NO ANIMALS, no generators, electric refrigerators, any kind of bulky waste. No drugs, gas containers >250 grams, car batteries, explosive substances, unauthorized fireworks, sound systems, vuvuzelas, compressor sirens, megaphones, PA-systems or firewood will be allowed on site. No unconstitutional or discriminatory flags, national flags, banners, stickers or patches…ain’t nobody got time for that.


All guests must be 18+ to enter the festival, and provide valid ID. No children allowed. A valid official ID card is advised. Student cards are not accepted. No dogs or any other animals are allowed on-site.


From rain to extreme sun, we’ve had it all. While we will prepare for some inclement weather, make sure you get yourself covered for hot sun, cool nights, and the potential for rain. Pack layers accordingly. The festival will take place rain or shine.


Because the festival grounds are surrounded by woodlands & in the midst of a bad drought, camp fires, as romantic as they are, are not allowed. The same applies for paper lanterns. The last thing we want to do is have a bunch of queens start a forest fire. That being said, we are allowing an area for grilling by the beach, only for charcoal grills or small gas stoves with less than 250g gas. Please dispose of charcoal in designated receptacles.


Please note that all ticket sales are final. If you can no longer attend, and want to transfer your ticket to a friend,click here. You can only change the name on the ticket one time. If that is not an option, we recommend reselling via Ticketswap. Ticketswap is the only trusted way we recommend buying / selling tickets. Because our profile has grown, there are lot of scammers trying it, even going as far as making fake Eventbrite tix. Be careful & only use Ticketswap, or buy/sell with people you know.

Supported by Initiative Musik GmbH with project funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media.