(Saturday, 11:00 – 12:00 – Chillout Cove, Entrance Main Campground)

Hosted by Christian Rippel

Yoga and breath have been used for thousands of years from various wisdom traditions to invoke health, foster longevity and as a medium for enlightenment. From a western perspective the asanas (yoga postures) and breath carry oxygen and blood to the brain and our vital organs. Many diseases are being caused by our blood being to acidic, with the asanas and breathing we not only invigorate our blood cells, but also alkalise our blood. We are enabled to access and prime our autonomic nervous system, control our heart rate and direct our brain state. By this, the rhythm and alternation of our movement and breathing can give us not only entrance to a state of intense presence and clarity, but also to transformational experiences. It can clean our blood cells, build anti-bodies and give us access to the numerous aspects of our physiology, which we shall discover every session anew.

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