WHOLE’s Next Meeting

(Saturday, 15:00)

Lots of things that happen at the festival will stay here––but some of them, hopefully, will travel with and transform us. Not a feedback session but a place to imagine utopia and the concrete steps it might take to get there, this workshop starts from moments of beauty and connection and asks us to think structurally about what would be required to get the world from here to there, from crisis to justice. “WHOLE’s Next Meeting” is a place to envision the festival’s politics and ethics together, and brainstorm strategies for taking its ethos home, beyond the suspended temporality of a festival. What is WHOLE? What do we learn from WHOLE? How do we live WHOLE as always “not yet here”? How do we take it home? 

João Florêncio is cultural theorist of the body, sexuality, and visual cultures, and the author of Bareback Porn, Porous Masculinities, Queer Futures: The Ethics of Becoming-Pig (2020). Ben Miller is a writer and historian, co-host and co-author of Bad Gays, and a board member of the Schwules Museum since 2018.

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