The Embodiment of the Goddess w/ AVEYEVA + Leevke Succow

(Friday 22:00-23:00FLINTA Art Space** – Bodies Unbound)

“The Embodiment of the Goddess”

by AVEYEVA + featuring installation by Leevke Succow

I honor the spark of Devine feminine light that is inside of you, because it is also inside of me. Can you feel it?

AVEYEVA  is a Belarusian multidisciplinary artist based in Berlin. Aveyeva’s dance vocabulary plays with the physical form, shadows, and silhouettes, extending beyond the contours of her body into the realm of abstract aesthetics. In the ever-changing dance of light and dark, she crafts silhouettes that become an integral part of her performance, weaving a unique narrative that blurs the line between reality and fantasy. 

Leevke Succow (she/her) is a versatile artist who works in photography, various printing techniques, installations, and audio-visual artworks. Her artistic practice revolves around themes of consciousness, psychology, dreams, nature, and spirituality. By employing diverse media and engaging multiple senses, Leevke creates works that aim to evoke emotional responses and transcend rational thinking. Her approach their art as a form of exploration, constantly posing
questions and seeking new expressive avenues. She aims to create tranquil and healing works that invites viewers to reflect on the profound aspects of human existence, offering portals into the intangible realms of the mind. Leevkes work is an invitation to embark on a transformative journey, connecting with the mysteries of the self and the world.
**FLINTA Art Space – Bodies Unbound is located in the forest btw the Performance Stage & Cruising Village (former location of the Treehouse Stage…RIP)

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