Strip Tease With Ease

(Saturday, 14:00 – 15:30- Workshop Tent)

Presented by Mia On Acid & River Roux from BERLIN STRIPPERS COLLECTIVE

It’s in the name: As strippers, we strip away what little clothes we wear. We peel back the layers that veil and protect, daring to embark on the adventure of revealing what we’ve been taught to hide. In this workshop we will delve into the exquisite art of striptease through the lense of self-love and self-worship. Exploring tempo, quality, technique and curiosity, we will learn to show ourselves with confidence and discover adoration for our own bodies beyond our wildest imagination. Prepare to lift your skirts, throw your bras and show off your binders – for all can go, but nothing must. The Berlin Strippers Collective are a self organised, feminist collective of strippers.

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