(Sunday, 19:30-21:00, SLINTA* Dark Room)

With WITH GOLDEN GAI AND MO. Come together and cum together in this WHOLEsome collective masturbation in a safe, warm and sexy space. After buzzing around WHOLE all weekend, we will ground ourselves in our juicy primal roots. This is a safe(r) space for collective intimate exploration. We’ll open with facilitated exercises to cultivate somatic awareness and group connection. Later, we transition into a freeflow dedicated to wholesome touch and play, getting boundlessly curious, hedonistically slutty, tenderly caring and effortlessly wild.

Golden is madly in love with and turned on by life. Passionate about holding space for queer joy & liberation, and blurring the polarities between desired&rejected, attractive&repelling, real&imaginary, feminine&masculine, fun&serious. Their neo-tantric work draws from the Sensual Arts School and five years of intense involvement in the world of alternative sexuality.

mo is a tantric bodyworker, conscious kink & sexuality practitioner, student and researcher. they’re part of touch4friends collective – a mindful queer playground. mo also is a queerfeminist performer in adult entertainment.

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