Gay Consent.Lab

(Friday, 20:00, Orangerie)

Gay Consent.Lab is a workshop and sharing circle about consent, care, pleasure, and abuse in the gay community. During the Lab, we discuss these issues in the context of sex, drugs, raves, and chills. We talk about consent and abuse either as victim, perpetrator or bystander or somewhere in the grey areas in between, and explore how consent tools allow us to achieve more pleasure from sex, dancing, intimacy, etc.The workshop is open to everyone, but it is for and by people that have sex with gay men. Limited spaces, come early.

Gay Consent.Lab is a format convened by Mati Klitgård, facilitator, organizer and researcher working with queer politics and community building who, as part of Berlin’s rave scene, works for cultures of consent and awareness with organizations such as Lecken, TS Raver and Queer Mama.

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