Bodies Unbound

“Bodies Unbound” FLINTA art space is dedicated to exploring our relationship with the body in the forest of the WHOLE Festival. This curated space by LAYERS collective and MIND7 is designed to celebrate diverse identities and experiences while highlighting the multifaceted nature of our bodies. This art space is a vibrant, inclusive, and thought-provoking environment where visitors can immerse themselves in various artistic mediums, including paintings, photography, crochet, and live performances. The space is carefully designed to create a welcoming and safe atmosphere for all attendees. 


MIND7 aims to question the notion of ‘being a spectator’ of art and music by focusing on the contemporary spectator’s need to experience and reflect on a work of art through a personal or interpersonal experience. By creating a collective space-time, bringing together art and music, artists and audiences, MIND7 contextualizes its approach to creation: immersion.


The formation of the collective in 2022 is based on a shared passion for music and the need to make the club scene a little more equal by explicitly focusing on the FLINTA+ community at their multidisciplinary art events and parties. Not only by booking artists from this community but also by planning and organizing everything from the core by a team of FLINTA+. Focusing on building a sustainable community, empowerment through multidisciplinary music events and exhibitions, integrating workshops that create a shelter for FLINTA+ and challenging existing social structures. 


Sasha Smirnova, Leevke Succow & AVEYEVA, Kristin Friedrichsen, Marijana, Franziska von Badewitz, Béatrice, Sheila Gomez, Elihu Ashong, Melanie Blewonski, Shannon Heenan, Bela, Emma Deprès, Alizée Quinche, Urška Preis, Oil Production, Loïsse & Alice, Mean Goddess x Soft Lullaby

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