(Friday, 23:00 – 00:30- Ambient Stage)

Hosted by Layton Lachman & MINQ

ex-ca-vay-cay is a movement workshop to open the ambient stage, facilitated by layton lachman, with sonic guidance from MINQ. It will be a space for setting intentions for the festival and ourselves. It will be an opportunity for arriving together through collective dancing, exploration through listening, consensual touch, relaxing and grooving.

layton lachman is a choreographer and performer based in Berlin. They create performances rooted in somatics, channeling experiential practices into immersive, sensorially complex worlds. Their practice includes staged works, films, one-on-one encounters, installations and audio/performative tours. In addition to artistic practice, layton is also a regular facilitator of improvisational dance classes in DE & USA. MINQ (they/them) is a sound artist, sound designer, DJ, radio host and performer living in Berlin. MINQ is also exploring sound-based mindfulness practices such as Deep Listening and facilitating workshops with the aim to discover what lies at the intersection of mindfulness, movement and sound in QTBIPoc-centered spaces in their research project and workshop series Sonic Utopias | Research Lab.

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