Rafush + What’s underneath? – a playful exploration game on nudity (Yoko Yoko)

(Saturday, 12:00 – 14:00 – Ambient Stage)

Hosted by Yoko Yoko collective

*Will be an ambient set w/ the workshop happening at the same time and place.*

This is an invitation for all individuals to find connection through the collective and healing experience of being vulnerable while getting nude. We will experiment with the self-developed question game ‘SMASH’. Nudity will come into play in the sense of being vulnerable through questioning your own normative and habitualised thought patterns and literally, in the sense of physical nudity. Question by question, piece by piece, we will explore what’s underneath. Through this empowering approach to nudity, we will challenge societal norms and stereotypes surrounding the topic. Rafush will accompany us with an enchanting soundscape.

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