Drama Lama: Attachment Theory Workshop

(Saturday, 10:00 – 11:30- Workshop Tent)

Hosted by Axel & Ayo

A playful workshop about attachment theory for queer people in all kinds of relationships. How can we stay connected to a sense of trust and safety in our relationships, while also living our best, slutty and revolutionary sex positive lives at Whole Festival? Through embodiment we will explore the mechanics of letting in, letting go and how to find your sweet spot of distance and/or closeness with the people you love 4ever, and with those you love for one night only.

Axel is a somatic therapist based in Berlin. He has a background in social justice and has mainly worked to improve access to health care for transgender and non-binary people. He works with an embodied approach to therapy, to support people of all genders and sexualities to live embodied lives. He gives workshops regularly at Village and Skinship and is the co-curator of the Stretch Festival.

Ayo Gry (they/he) is a Berlin-based, born in Denmark, pleasure positive (s)explorer, and artistic collaborator with a professional background in Performance Design, Sexological Bodywork and Mind/Body Therapy. On a daily basis Ayo works as a practitioner of embodied therapy. They co-founded Skinship_Berlin in 2020.



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