Demystifying Your Big 3: Rising, Sun & Moon Signs In Astrology

(Sunday, 20:00 – 21:30- Workshop Tent)

Hosted by Care

In this workshop, we will dive deeper into the significance of the big 3 in astrology: rising (ascendant), sun & moon signs. You might have heard a lot about your sign online, but truth is, astrology is directly connected with miracles happening in the land/agricultural cycle of Mesopotamia, where this land-based relational technology was created. Astrology is a practice that aims to offer guidance, one that roots us in the stars: come to connect to yours and demystify the most important keys of your chart !

Care (they/them) is a Black trans non-binary trauma-informed somatic and Transformative Justice practitioner, artist & doula who works on re-membering experiences of awe, miracles, connection & care. Their work blooms at the intersection of Black interiority, somatic memory & queer intimacies. They use astrology as a land-based practice and ancestral technology to re-connect to themselves, others, the Land and Spirit, outside of systems of dominations that rule our societies.

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