(Saturday, 16:00-18:00, SLINTA* Dark Room)


This one is for the “I’m really curious about darkrooms but also kinda scared.” Slowly, softly, we’ll practice agency & consent and get to know the ins & outs of the playspace. After arriving in our individual bodies, we’ll make space for a curious exploration with each other: first with verbal communication, then non-verbal.

[flinta & trans folks to the front <3]*

Em~body (she/they) is inspired by: the gushing creative life force that is sexuality ~ play & innocence ~ the earth body ~ melting together ~ somatic practices ~ cats. she gives 1:1 sessions as a sexological bodyworker.

Mare (no pronouns/they/them) is passionate about the beauty of unknowingness, shapeshifting, ambivalence, fluidity, bodies, sexualities and their interwovenness with power dynamics. mare is a sexological bodyworker and gender studies nerd: they wish to combine somatic, intuitive ways of knowing and intersectional_queer_feminist analysis. call me weich und wiederständig info_sexobodywork@posteo.de

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