Public sex has a long history as part of queer culture. What is that history? And how has it been shaped by public sex bans and crackdowns alongside bans on trans and gender-queer expression? Queer public sex today has also come under attack from within our communities. How can we make public sex more generous and capacious without devolving into shame and policing? How can different kinds of queers coexist—and hopefully interact in surprising and fun ways—given the different ways they approach and understand sex?

A lively conversation about what kinds of shared sex spaces we want and how to make it happen between Ben Miller (co-host and co-author of “Bad Gays”), João Florêncio (co-author of a forthcoming book on cruising) and three members of DTF, a new activist collective hosting more playful and de-normativizing play spaces at WHOLE for dykes, trannies and fags to fuck each other or like one another.

Convenors and moderators: Ben Miller, João Florêncio, and DTF.

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