(Saturday, 12:00 – 13:30- Workshop Tent)

Hosted by Aaaashiii

This hands-on workshop offers a radical inquiry into the nature of giving and receiving, and introduces a practice whose goal is to help us get in touch with and communicate both desires & boundaries.

Aaaashiii contains avatars of a performer, a choreographer, a hypnotherapist, a musician, a mama, a medium, a kink, a Taichi master, a non-binary mammal, a mutation, an artist and a monster. They all come to earth through physical and quantum vaginal wormholes, growing up in the humidity of subtropical jungle, submitting to the mosquito mistress, surrendering to the unexplainable loudness of taoist possession rituals and fatal sacredness of mountains and earthquakes. They currently wrap their brains and autonomous tentacles on decolonial, non-binary, non-anphropocentric spiritualities, psychic-somatics and alternative communities, (re)searching bodies in transition, bodies in resonance and bodies in metamorphic vibrations.

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