Collaborative Podcast Making with Bela

(Saturday 17:00 – FLINTA Art Space** – Bodies Unbound)

“Let’s talk Sluts, Cunts & Hoes”  with Bela

In this workshop we will create a group podcast around the themes  of sex-positivity & slut shaming. Come with whatever perspective/approach/experience you have towards these topics. We will bring them all together and meet in an open, non-judgmental space of empowerment & radical authenticity. The conversation will then later be published as part of the queer-feminist podcast “Queering the Perspective”

Béla Belissima is a non-binary/trans-femme artist, activist & podcaster focusing on the amplification of queer & trans* voices. In their work they always center the element of empowerment and the creation of community-based structures to question all kinds of normalcies and binaries, especially with their queer-feminist podcast “Queering the Perspective”.

**FLINTA Art Space – Bodies Unbound is located in the forest btw the Performance Stage & Cruising Village (former location of the Treehouse Stage…RIP)

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