Ceremony of Mean Goddess x Soft Lullaby

(Friday 19.30 – FLINTA Art Space** – Bodies Unbound)

A sensuous ceremony explores the depths of your inner mean and soft goddesses, harnessing their raw sexual power. Embrace the intoxicating liberation, shed inhibitions and step into a realm of untamed self-empowerment that fuels your night.


A Domme & Deity of interdisciplinary arts and activism considered to be a force of destruction and transmutation. She uses her divine sexual power mixed with wisdom gleaned from the mysteries of witchcraft & the occult to exorcize the toxic male and shattering the venomous foundations of our culture. She is, indeed, a Goddess of metamorphosis, linked to the closure of this era and the birth of a new dawn.

A radically soft soul seizing the power of narratives to inspire fluid, free and entangled ways of being. Constantly exploring theories and tactics to queer life in all aspects. Never not shifting, feeling, being on the move.
**FLINTA Art Space – Bodies Unbound is located in the forest btw the Performance Stage & Cruising Village (former location of the Treehouse Stage…RIP)

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