Audiovisual Performance by Beatrice

(Sunday 00:40 – FLINTA Art Space** – Bodies Unbound)

The meaning of this small project is to reflect through music and visual art the concept of how human we are, whether you are a woman, a man, or whatever gender you consider yourself to be, to show people, especially young people, that they are not alone, that when they feel stuck they can always look around and find support both in other people and in music. The fact of covering myself with the curtain is focused on not showing all the interest in the artist, but in what is happening around us, the feeling we have, the rhythm and the feeling of noticing the music through us, of connecting One with another

**FLINTA Art Space – Bodies Unbound is located in the forest btw the Performance Stage & Cruising Village (former location of the Treehouse Stage…RIP)

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