A (w)hole cast

(Saturday, 21:30 – Orangerie)

A selection of post-porn movies curated by FdS – Affect, Gender and Sexuality Art Festival in Lausanne, together with a discussion on queer organizing.

The Cherry on the Cake, by Suçon (2022, France, 16 minutes)

And then we touch, by Benji Egger (2021, Switzerland, 14 minutes)

Grace, by abcde Flash (2022, Switzerland, 6 minutes)

Daisies, by EDIY Porn (2021, Brasil, 26 minutes)

Folds, by Raisa Aid (2021, Paraguay, 2 minutes)

Fucking Freaks Club, P*rn Freaks Club Studio (2022, Belgium, 18 minutes)

Merci Madame Manon, by Manon Praline (2021, Germany, 21 minutes)

duration of the screenings: 1h35 + talk

Curators/collective attending: Alizee Quinche, Julie Folly, Vanessa Sindihebura, Antoine Simeão Schalk.

Filmmaker: Raisa Aid.

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