When:  Saturday night, Crane stage

Pornceptual started as an online gallery for erotic art but quickly became a platform for people to express sexuality in a creative and open way. By de-contextualizing pornography, they prove that explicit sexual content is art that is queer, diverse and inclusive. As an alternative to typical commercial porn, the collective raises the question “Can art succeed where porn fails – to actually turn us on?” Experience sex and art openly!


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Experiencing so much queer talent in one space made you wonder why a festival like WHOLE took so long to happen. It was a much-needed space.

Resident Advisor


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Side Program




WHOLE United Queer Festival wants to prove that there can be a queer common ground where we put all differences aside and dance together – at Europe’s first queer electronic music festival.



Ferropolis is situated by the small town of Gräfenhainichen, about 140km southwest of Berlin. Its coal mining past, which ended in 1991, has recently been rectified by contemporary renovations that promote nature exploration.

Today, the flooded grounds encapsulate an expansive 560 hectare lake +20 hectare peninsula.  The site displays five huge industrial excavators that create a museum, monument and modern event arena.

Ferropolis is easily accessed by chartered bus, train, or car.
Cruise the FAQ section for more details.

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Our aim is to create an inclusive environment that provides space for the acceptance of all gender expressions and sexual orientations, but in a relaxing, outdoor environment outside of the hectic confines of the city. A multi-day camping festival where self-expression and self-liberation are paramount.

Considering today’s tumultuous and polarizing political climate, we find it necessary to create a refuge for those that oftentimes find themselves marginalized by the rest of society. WHOLE is more than just an outdoor weekend-long party, but rather an exercise in community building.

2019 is the third edition of the festival, and we’ve invited more international crews hoping to enhance & strengthen our sense of community beyond national borders.

From Friday June 14th at 15:00 till Monday 17th at 10:00.

© Rafael Medina

A safe space for queers who want to celebrate electronic music. A welcoming concept in a time where exclusion of queer people still is served on a daily agenda.



© Pedro Pablo



The festival is situated on sandy beaches and uneven meadows, therefore wheelchair accessibility is only partially given, but viable. Accessible toilets will be on-site. If you require an accompanying person, please write us to verify your disability card, and then your chosen person will be granted free entry.

Bassliner Bus from Berlin

Click here to book inexpensive roundtrip bus tickets via Bassliner,
which picks up and drops off at Ostbahnhof.

Meeting Point:
Busparking spaces at Berlin/Ostbahnhof
„Am Ostbahnhof“ corner with „Koppenstraße“

Please be at the meeting point at least 15 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time. Bassliner busses will never wait for late passengers. Please plan with enough time to get to the meeting point in time even if there is unforeseeable problems, like if public transportation fails, etc.  Bassliner will add more shuttles as the demand grows.


WHOLE is a three day camping festival.

Please pitch your tents within the designated area and keep roads clear, as they function as escape routes & fire lanes.  You can camp near the beach, but not on it.  We are going to be more strict about this than we were last year.  Watch for delineated markers, and be respectful of the property.

You are allowed to bring your own food & drink, but we have a strict NO GLASS policy.  Pack a stainless steel water bottle, so that you can refill it all weekend.  Be aware that your bags may be searched at the entrance.

Toilets and showers are provided on-site.  We kindly ask you to pay €2 per shower.  All toilets are free.

If you would like to buy a tent and have it setup for you, please get ahold of our friends at VLK.  This third party service is being offered as a convenience for those of you that are traveling from out of town.


Help keep the site’s sandy beaches & green grass clean. Confetti & glitter are not permitted!

Dogs & Children

No dogs (or other animals) or children will be admitted entrance to the festival. All guests need to be 18+ to enter the festival.


Dealing and using drugs is illegal. Anyone caught will be expelled from the festival and reported to the police. The festival is three days long, so be sure to pace yourself. Drink responsibly, rest and rehydrate. Don’t be that party monster that gets messy & collapses on the beach. If you’re feeling unwell, please tell someone.  You can be assisted by someone at the info point or medical tent.

Feeling Good

… means having fun and making friends with your campsite neighbours. Help keep an eye on each other’s stuff and buddy up to provide help, if needed. Take responsibility for the energy that you bring to the rave. Assault, discrimination & malicious intent will not be tolerated and offenders will be removed from the festival and handed over to the police. This is a festival that strives to represent the best of Berlin & the greater scene. Act accordingly. We are all friends. We do not tolerate any -isms:   no sexism, racism, ableism, homophobia, fatphobia, transphobia, or hatefulness.  If you need help, please look out for our awareness team.


Because the festival grounds are surrounded by woodlands, camp fires, as romantic as they are, are not allowed. The same applies for Chinese lanterns.  The last thing we want to do is have a bunch of queens start a forest fire.

That being said, we are allowing an area for grilling by the beach, only for charcoal grills or small gas stoves with less than 250g gas.

First Aid

We will provide a comprehensive medical and first aid service which includes first aid posts, as well as paramedics who will be looking after festival goers. Don’t hesitate to address them if you, or a friend, needs help.

Food and Drinks

There will be an array of food, be it vegan, vegetarian or meat. More info on vendors coming soon. Cash payments only.


Similar to many other festivals, this year we will implement a new garbage deposit. Upon entering the gates, you will be asked to pay a €5 <CASH> deposit in exchange for a campground rubbish bag + chip. When you leave, please return the full trash bag + pfand chip to receive back the €5 deposit. Keeping the campground clean is a group effort and we appreciate your help.  We hope to build a long-running festival, and our sustainability starts first with how environmentally responsible we are as a group.

Smokers, please butt your cigarettes out & put’em in the bin.  Always put your waste in the correctly marked bins.  Plan and prepare ahead – pack rubbish & recycling bags, and minimize the amount of packaging you bring.


Lost and Found

The lost-and-found office will be located at the info point at the front. After the festival, contact us at

Opening Hours

Friday, June 14, 2019

Monday, June 17, 2019

Everyone must be off the property by noon on Monday!

No one under the age of 18 years will be granted entry to the festival. Please note that you may be checked at the entrance. We advise you to bring an official & valid ID or passport with you. Student cards are unacceptable.


If you drive, no problem, but first please purchase a parking pass.  There are two price points:  1) car 2) caravan.  Parking is available on-site for both, and we have a camping section specifically for caravans.  Click here to purchase a parking permit.

Please be aware that the local authorities will most likely be watching the roads within close proximity of the festival.  You should be prepared to have your car searched, and please designate a sober driver.

Photos and Videos

Taking photos with non-professional gear (analog & digital cameras without interchangeable lenses) is allowed. Filming however is not permitted.

By purchasing a ticket and attending the festival, you are consenting to potentially being photographed and videoed by our profesionally hired staff solely for the purpose of future promotional use.

Potable water

Instead of buying plastic bottled water, you can refill your NON GLASS bottle for free at the water station near the bathroom area. The tap water on site is the same quality water that comes out of your tap at home. Leave your single-use plastic at home!



Prohibited Items

No glass containers or weapons of all kinds (even saws or axes) are permitted.
No animals, sofas, generators, electric refrigerators, any kind of bulky waste, drugs, gas containers >250 grams, car batteries, explosive substances, unauthorised fireworks, sound systems, vuvuzelas, compressor sirens, megaphones, PA-systems or firewood will be allowed on site. No unconstitutional or discriminatory flags, banners, stickers or patches are allowed to carry.

Contact security or a festival employee if you see any wrongdoing. Don’t use a gas container if it is damaged or in poor condition. Make sure it is safe to use and meets the requirements of the german DIN norm before using it. Intentional destruction of trees and groves shall be prosecuted.


All ticket sales are final. No refunds.



Book inexpensive roundtrip bus tickets via Bassliner, which picks up and drops off at Berlin Ostbahnhof.  This is the easiest option!  Bassliner continues to add more shuttles with more demand.


This year we’re offering some shuttle services from Dessau Hauptbahnhof to Ferropolis.  Click here to go to our Eventbrite page, and input the word “shuttle” where it says “enter promotional code.”  This will unlock more info about available shuttles.

Please refer to the pickup times offered & arrange your travel accordingly.  Festival goers are responsible for purchasing this €5 one way ticket. We suggest you book these ASAP in order to ensure yourself a seat, but as demand grows we will add more shuttles.

The Berlin Brandenburg ticket by Deutsche Bahn (29€) is valid for a maximum of 5 passengers on all regional transport (RE) trains between Berlin and Dessau (not ICE trains).  Sorry, but as of right now we cannot offer a shuttle from Gräfenhainichen, only Dessau.


If you arrive by car or caravan, your destination is:

Ferropolisstraße 1
06773 Gräfenhainichen

Google Maps

→ Highway A9 exit Dessau Ost
→ B 185 (L131) towards Oranienbaum
→ In Oranienbaum turn right B107 direction Gräfenhainichen
→ Between Jüdenberg and Gräfenhainichen turn left to Ferropolis (Ferropolis is signposted from the motorway exit)

You need to purchase a parking pass.  There are two price points:  1) car 2) caravan.  Parking is available on-site for both, and we have a camping section specifically for caravans.  Click here to purchase a parking permit.


You are looking for a ride to Ferropolis or you still have free space in your car? Then take a look at fahrfahraway and offer your ride for free or find one.


Thank you to everyone that applied to our volunteer program.  Our application program is closed.

© Eric/Chris Phillips

There’s nothing like celebrating the last days of summer with your tribe in the wilderness. These moments are rare, especially for those existing beyond the gender binary, but WHOLE Festival afforded queer ravers that opportunity.

Resident Advisor


© Pedro Pablo