OMOH + Persephone

Against the backdrop of rising political conservatism, official statements of homophobia and a strengthening far-right in Hungary, we’ve founded OMOH in 2016 as a safe-haven for the unwanted. The more critical and mindful alternative to Budapest’s gay and lesbian parties of the time: taking electronic music and club culture back to it’s queer roots, ones that it never had in post-socialist countries. 4 years later, we still feel that every single party matters. We want all of them to be another step in empowerment, body-experimentation, building a support network, a vehicle for sexual liberation and social transformation, a political statement. To create spaces where we can be free of all the bullshit of the outside world for a night at least, heal our broken souls together, recharge, learn, teach, and then go out into the real world again — but stronger.

Persephone was founded in 2018 as the housier counterpart of OMOH, focusing on female, queer, trans, and PoC folks, from local talents to international artists. But Persephone is not only a queer party – it’s a bit of an opening to the world outside our escapist ivory tower that aims to reach a wider audience and gather different, open-minded music lovers in one place.

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