Mamba Negra

Venomous serpent of libidinal and nocturnal habits. A quick and fatal sting.  Mamba Negra is the outcome of the meetings between artists from all around Brazil and it functions as a platform for the construction and experimentation of new artistic languages, establishing itself as an important tool for fighting and celebration.  While combining art, feminist and LGBTQ+ protagonism, its strong political stance and its unique visual identity, Mamba has stood out, in the past 6 years, as an expression of this youthful, ever convulsive and raging generation.

With its subversive outlook, Mamba is a physical manifestation of the São Paulo city’s soul. Venomous, hypnotic and captivating. Through its self-funded parties on public spaces or on degraded properties located downtown, its self-managed festivals in student-occupied sites and squats, the rave atmosphere is reborn in the city, carrying with it the principles of community and inclusion.

Beyond the creation of text-based content and graphic design, Mamba is a production, security, architecture and lighting team that, along with the mostly female and LGBTQ+ performers and its engaged crowd, ensure to create a space where trust, respect and freedom are paramount. It is an organism, which transforms itself as it aggregates new perspectives in its dyslexic and confused trajectory.

Our priority is to build the conditions for the production that escapes the entertainment industry: freedom to create new types of sound/bodies/images in movement. This is why we are suuuuuperr excited to participate of Whole — United Queer Festival flip the hair and kick the asssses <3

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