PHO-DA is Aerea Negrot and Deepneue LIVE project.

Aerea Negrot

‘I can’t say I’m good having sex unless you try me’ – The sexiness and rhythm of Negrot follow her since a very long time, beating hard and groovy. Identifying more like a performer, Djing was something that happened naturally and was planned, mostly because of the connection with music and arts, intertwined.

Being music production her forte and known for creating theatrical electronic music, Aerea mastered the construction of film soundtracks and advertisement, the most exciting creative output she could wish for.

A very special way to put it out feelings and communicate love, through dramatics-dynamics, the tunes have been a way to communicate with family and friends. It is simply an invisible storyboard of emotions, propelled over very special circumstances.

Connected to the the overruled people of the world, being a queen; queer; somethings have no explanation: ‘I just like it trashy, with a funky corner.’ Taste it!


A non-conformist by nature, Bráulio fathoms a controversial, one-sided ideal: To be trash – a rejected existence. A utopian world claims this scandalous part(y); reality shifts to equality, differences are valued and preserved profoundly.

To materialize this phenomenon, a rhythmic compass must be performed. mixing channels for a round-trip of memories. His music is the heartbeat of now, expressing-self to provoke instinctive expression.

Instant fusion reaction atop of this Era, trash supplying unlimited creative energy to enter to new levels of depth, sparking efforts to produce a viral vibe strain, to impress. Sense the Deepneue(s) of the future. Dance!

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