NINASUPSA is a stage name of Georgian DJ Nina Bochorishvili. Her relationship with music started at an early age and Nina’s interest towardsdifferent genres and sounds became the reason ofdeveloping impeccable taste in music that directly reflects her djcareer. Nina’s work as NINASUPSA has been influenced by a wide range of genres and artists, including 90’s Pop Music, House, and Boards Of Canada’s works, but She emphasizes that every kind of audio signal could be perceived as an artistic influence. NINASUPSA made her debut in 2014, when she started DJing at house parties, and eventually at clubs. “I always try to be relevant to the dancefloor and people around me while playing music, although I only offer what I like and makes me feel good.” – Nina states that as a resident DJ of BASSIANI/HOROOM she is able to connect with the audience in a different way that gives her a great motivation to progress.

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