For the last 30 years, French-born Berlin-based Jennifer Cardini has been welcoming people into the discotheque. Her belief that something more was hidden under the surface of electronic music has put her at the helm of tiny sweaty lesbian bars, flamboyant Ibiza superclubs and off-the-beaten-path warehouse raves. The sometimes-gothic, always-seductive, wave-laced house music she canonized in her mixes, record labels (Correspondent, Dischi Autunno), remixes, and productions helped rephrase the world’s understanding of the French dance music scene. The disco may be getting bigger, but Cardini continues to welcome the outsiders in with her selections and curation.

The Berlin-by-way-of-Toulouse producer and DJ has taken the club scene by storm with his particular concoction of Italo Disco melodies overtop the brutality of an EBM beat, what he calls Italo Body Music. His productions boast a funky groove with an edge while his DJ sets present an exciting whirlwind of genres, built to cater to those who appreciate the twists and turns of elaborate musical storylines. From appearances at the renowned Panorama Bar / Laboratory to his residencies at Tbilisi’s Khidi Club and HÖR Radio, it seems everyone is now turning their gaze towards Pablo Bozzi. 

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