Dr. Rubinstein B2B Tijana T.

A vinyl-enthusiast at heart, Dr. Rubinstein has long stood out in the underground music scene and forged an international following without the press and backing of a label, traditionally a pre-requisite for success in the industry. Since moving to Berlin in 2012, her unique rave-focused style and performance have been defined by infectious energy, impeccable selections spanning multiple genres and decades, and acid basslines.

Tijana T’s sound as a DJ has a variety of shades. To this day, eclecticism is the word. Techno is predominant: sometimes sharp and spiky jack attacks flecked with breakbeat shrapnel, other times dubby and warm. Yet Tijana T’s range goes far beyond the techno sphere: you’ll hear electro, house, IDM, wave, rave, vocal cuts, and the shimmy of pop when the mood calls for it.

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