The New Zealand-born DJ, producer and MC has come a long way since arriving in Berlin with nothing but a dream and a backpack. From smashing warehouse raves to turning streams into full-fledged dance-offs, DJ Fuckoff serves a fast-paced mixing style with unapologetic blends topped off by live PA’s that regularly send ravers into a craze. While being thoroughly informed by previous generations of dance music, DJ Fuckoff does not fear eroding genres, standards and stereotypes. Her relentless positive energy and refreshingly nonchalant style have earned her serious hype and a loyal following.

From Zurich to London to Berlin, DJ AYA is one of the most exciting personalities to emerge from this city’s underground in recent times. They captivate listeners with their distinctive, punchy sound and inimitable, high-energy presence. DJ AYA loves to enchant their surroundings with radioactive techno, trance and breaks, and can be found obliterating clubs and festival stages across Europe and beyond.

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