CCL is a Seattle-based DJ, organizer, visual artist and producer. Having lived in Bristol, Rome, the United States and London, CCL’s wide ranging DJ sets are influenced by their peers, and the intersect between UK, Midwest US sounds and span the vast array of dusty bins they dig through.  CCL has an affinity for fluidity and liminality, weaving music together through distinct narratives that open rhythmic wormholes and the space between all genres and tempos. Extending beyond their personal output, CCL is a lead producer and curator for New Forms Festival in Vancouver, Decibel, and Corridor in Seattle – all North American festivals sharing a common thread of uplifting sound and visual artists through forward momentum and community. Their drive and love for bringing people together through music is boundless. They are a key member of TUF, a collective of trans, non-binary people and cis-women based in Seattle. CCL and many members of TUF unite to help promote transcendental dancing and learning from one another through events, workshops, and the annual TUFFEST that occurs each summer.  Their 2018 Honey Soundsystem mix (below) was recently mentioned in RA’s write up “2010-19: Mixes Of The Decade.”

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